Dog Finds The Perfect Loophole For ‘No Dogs On The Couch’ Rule

Back when Lexi the boxer was a puppy, she did the unthinkable.

After rolling around outside one day and getting completely soaked in mud, she sprinted inside and launched right onto the coziest target in the house: the living room couch.

Mud was everywhere — and unfortunately for the couch, muddy paws on the cushions soon became a regular habit.

no dogs on the couch rule

“As soon as she would run into the house, she’d sprint right for the couches,” Donna Wolford, Lexi’s mom, said.

Wolford began training Lexi to keep off the couch and sit on her bed instead — and Lexi learned pretty quickly that the couch was off-limits. But it wasn’t long before the clever pup came up with a loophole in her mom’s rule.

no dogs on the couch rule

In dog logic, you’re not lying on the couch if your back paws are still on the ground.

“We have done a pretty good job of breaking her off the couch sprinting, but she still tends to bend the rules,” Wolford said. “If there is someone on the couch, she will sit like that to be with them.”

no dogs on the couch rule

Now 18 months old, Lexi has gotten so comfortable with her own way of using the couch that she’s even fallen asleep like that. While her big sister, Lucy, isn’t as interested in lying up there, Lexi spends a lot of time resting her front paws on it.

no dogs on the couch rule

She also loves jumping up on the bed with her human brother to cuddle but goes all-paws in for that.

no dogs on the couch rule

While Lexi clearly enjoys showing her rebellious side, Wolford and the rest of the family just let her have her fun with it. After all, it’s pretty hard to resist those sweet puppy dog eyes.

“She fully knows she’s not supposed to be on the couch,” Wolford said. “She can be pretty ingenious when it comes to circumventing authority. She uses her cuteness to her advantage.”

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