Pregnant Chihuahua With Giant Belly Goes Into Labor And Delivers Enormous Litter Of 10 Puppies

The average litter size for a Chihuahua is five puppies, but you’re about to meet an amazing and tiny mama who completely shattered the statistics.

Back in 2011, Dawn and Bill Slater had quite the happy household. There were four adults, one teenager, one 7-week-old baby, one collie terrier and two cats. Oh, and three Chihuahuas.

Dawn and Bill learned that one of their Chihuahuas, Coco, was pregnant. Veterinarians told them to expect the average five pups.

But once Coco went into labour, they realized the truth was much more astounding.

Coco’s puppies were the size of mice when they were born, the smallest weighing just over two ounces. When she finally delivered the fifth pup, Dawn and Bill breathed a sigh of relief. They quickly began tending to Coco and her babies, making sure they were warm and comfy. But then Coco started giving birth… again!

One by one, more pups kept popping out. “This is just impossible,” Bill thought. “When on earth is it going to stop?”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Caters News, to find out what happened once Coco went into labour.

In fact, Coco entered the Guinness World Records by creating a standalone category for Chihuahuas!

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