Huge Great Dane Carries His Favorite Unicorn Pillow Across House So He Can Watch Soccer On Couch

Does your dog have a favorite place to nap?

One of my dogs loves the couch or my bed. But the other is perfectly content to stay in a nice warm spot on the floor. In fact, she doesn’t even like the many dog beds we’ve bought for her.

But according to Jukin, this Great Dane, Quincy, has a very particular favorite place to take a snooze.

Quincy’s family was downstairs, watching a soccer game, and he wanted to join them. I’m a soccer fan myself, and sometimes there’s nothing better than a morning on the couch watching a good game, so I can totally see why Quincy wanted to be involved.

But Quincy wasn’t about to just sit anywhere while watching the game. He wanted to be super-comfy cozy — and he knew exactly how to do that.

Before settling down for the match, Quincy headed upstairs to get something: his favorite unicorn pillow named Uni.

To be totally comfortable, Quincy brought Uni downstairs and onto the couch, so he ended up with the perfect (and coziest) view of the game.

Some people say there’s nothing better than live sports at the stadium. I say there’s nothing better than watching the came from the comfort of your couch with your very own Uni to keep you company.

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