When Man Is Reported Missing In Woods The Camera Captures This….

Martin Kay was out for a stroll when he got trapped in a bog. The 67-year-old tried to free himself but was unable to due to the extent he had sunk. He called for help, but the area he was in was far from anything. Holly Blue, his black labrador, was also unable to free him, but she did what she could. No, she didn’t call for help, but she did stay by her owner’s side throughout the whole ordeal.

A friend realized Kay was missing and called for help. Seven hours after getting stuck, he was found via thermal imaging equipment onboard a helicopter used in the search. The thermal images revealed that Holly Blue was still by his side. In near-zero temperatures, Holly Blue was still there, watching over her companion. PCs Luke Allard and Clare Wayman showed up on the scene to rescue Kay, but the bog fought back and Allard and Wayman ended up stuck themselves. In an effort to keep him warm, they used their jackets to cover Kay. Holly Blue still remained as the rescuers waited for more rescuers.

Kay recounts getting for stuck, calling for help, and drifting off. He awoke in the hospital. He said he had been too cold to panic. His calmness about the ordeal may also have had something to do with Holly Blue being there. “It was the first and the last time she had been called into action. She’s a very loyal dog. She’s quite well behaved most of the time,” he said of his loyal friend. They spent a total of seven hours together waiting to be rescued.

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