Family Moves And Abandons Pit Bull Like Trash, Then Neighbor Snaps A Photo To Beg For Help

A Michigan family moved away and left their pit bull, named Boo, to fend for himself. A neighbour couldn’t believe it when he saw Boo sleeping on a mattress left on the side of the street with all the trash the family didn’t want.

The family even came back for a few of their belongings and still, they did not take the dog. The neighbour was so heartbroken he snapped a few photos and posted them on Facebook to beg for help. The neighbour called every dog rescue in the area, but no one wanted to help Boo.

Then a man named Mike Diesel saw the lonely creature. He drove out to visit Boo, but he knew he had to build trust.

“As far as building up the trust that started Sunday the 16th at 2:30 p.m. when I arrived and I stayed that night until 1 a.m. talking and getting acquainted with Boo and feeding him different food items,” said Diesel.

Diesel came back the next day and was able to get a leash around Boo’s neck. Then he took him directly to the vet to get help. The dog has heartworms, but Diesel is getting him the help he needs.

“Boo has warmed up to me in an amazing way already and truly shows and proves the love of the pit bull and trust they have in humans,” Diesel said.

Boo’s family may not have wanted him and they may not have loved him properly, but it looks like he is finally with someone who truly cares.

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