Patient Pit Bull Waits His Turn In Line For A Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

Every time this adorable pit bull hears the ice cream truck turns onto his block — and the sound of that famous jingle — he can’t contain his excitement. He’s a lot like me in that way.

In this hilarious clip, this big ‘ol pittie turns into a little kid and hurries over when he sees the ice cream man. Nothing is going to come between this dog and his favorite scoop.

But patience is a virtue, and none of this is lost on the hungry canine. As if the sight of a dog rushing for ice cream isn’t heartwarming enough, watch as he patiently sits down and waits his turn in line! That’s right — rather than just barging in on another customer’s transaction, this guy is all about manners and respect.

The second he’s finally handed his ice cream cone, I really feel like it’s really a victory for everyone.

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