Helpless Dog Left Chained To A House During Historic Flooding Gets Rescued By A News Crew

As the water levels for the Brazos River in Texas rose to record heights, thousands of people in the county had to evacuate as quickly as possible. Grabbing their most prized possessions, they were forced to leave in a hurry, but in the heartbreaking footage below, it seems that the life of a dog wasn’t on the list of possessions worth saving.

While we can’t be certain of what went on in this particular household, one thing is quite clear: this beautiful dog was left chained to the side of the house as the floodwaters continued to press closer and closer. Trapped in the muddy water, with each rising inch the hope for this darling girl fell ever deeper.

But thankfully, in the depths of despair, this dog found safety. A local news crew for NBC12 was doing a story on the historic flood when they happened upon this helpless dog, and instead of filming the news they became the news. In a selfless act that just about any loving human would do, without hesitation, two crew members leaped into the potentially dangerous water, untied the dog, and brought her into the boat. Sopping wet and fiercely cold, they took her to the Houston Humane Society where they quickly went to work to treat her for any ailments she suffered due to the ordeal.

Thank goodness this news crew found her in time. The vet says that she would have surely died had they not saved her, and hopefully, now she can find a forever home who will put her on the top of the list of “important things to save!”

Special thanks to the news crew and anyone at Click2Houston, make sure to check out their website!

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