Officers Find Sick Stray Dog On The Brink Of Death, But He Makes A Miraculous Transformation

It’s never easy to see an animal in bad shape. They’re inherently innocent, so seeing them abused or neglected is truly heartbreaking.

When it comes to dogs, those expressive eyes can’t seem to hide any of the tough times they’ve gone through. They don’t call them “puppy dog eyes” for nothing. They can hold so much sadness.

Neglect can lead to any number of conditions depending on the type of mistreatment that’s going on. While some people just want to give their dog anything and everything the animal may want, it’s important to remember that overfeeding is also a form of neglect.

Dogs have no perception of when they’ve eaten too much, so it’s up to the owner to keep it under control. For this stray dog, the constant snacks that the townspeople would throw his way led to severe obesity. Luckily, this adorable pup was rescued and put on a strict diet and exercise routine. 30 lbs. later, he’s looking great!

For other street dogs, the most common issue they face is mange, like this dog whose mange nearly killed him. Not to worry, though! He was rescued and has made an incredible transformation.

When Powder was found in the Florida Everglades, he didn’t have much life left in him. Thanks to a team of wonderful saviors, Powder is now happier and healthier than ever before.

While some of the footage of this pup when he’s found may be upsetting to some viewers, watching the video the whole way through to see his transformation is absolutely worth it!

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