Paralyzed Dog Found In Macedonia Receives His Happily Ever After Ending

Dogs are very strong creatures. They have proven that to be true over and over again. And this dog is proving just how strong they really can be.

Meri fist saw Zhile in Macedonia years ago, and right away, she knew that he needed help.

For months on end, he lived in the mountains, very close to a popular ski resort, but there, he dealt with some terrible conditions.

Zhile is thought to have encountered several altercations with wolves in the area. And to add on to the horribleness, a monster shot at Zhile, and many other dogs, and the terrible abuse led to him becoming paralyzed.

paralyzed dog in macedonia

Unable to use his back legs, he dragged himself to one of the resort’s cottages, where tourists found him and immediately rushed him to a vet for help.

Veterinarian Marin Velickovski took the bullet out of his back, starting to journey of Zhile’s health and happiness. But it quickly became evident that he would never walk again without the help of a rear-leg wheelchair.

The people who ended up caring for him weren’t sure just how his disability would affect his quality of life, and they had no idea what they could do to make it better. So they decided to turn to the internet.

paralyzed dog in macedonia

Thankfully, helpful and uplifting responses came in, saying that with the right care and love, Zhile would be just fine. And that’s when he received his first wheelchair.

And despite all the hardships this dog had to live through, Zhile is a loving, happy and joyful dog.

This dog was adopted by a family living in Pennsylvania and lives happily with his new dad and his sister Morgan.

paralyzed dog in macedonia

After he got settled in, Meri decided to come and visit him, all the way from Macedonia, and they caught the heartwarming reunion on video.

We are so happy that Zhile is doing so well, and has such a loving and caring family now. And we are so thankful he was taken in and was given help.

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