Hungry Dog Is Ignored In The Streets Every Day — Then A Stranger Decides To Take Him Home

This is the story of a starving dog who was once left to wander the streets of Peru all alone. He was emaciated, lonely, and nameless.

Every day, this poor dog would stand on the roads, in front of busy shops and restaurants, but people just turned their backs on him. It was as if he didn’t even exist. But one fateful day, everything changed.

Two women (more like angels) brought him to safety. They gave him a bowl of food, a comfy bed, and finally, a name: Ojitos.

As it turned out, this was only the beginning of Ojitos’ journey.

Everyone in the town of Iquitos, Peru, ignored this lonely street dog. People would literally turn their backs on him, leaving him alone to starve.

ojitos transformation

But one day, two incredible women decided to lead the dog back to safety. They named him Ojitos and dedicated themselves to nursing him back to health.

ojitos transformation

Ojitos didn’t think he deserved all the love and care because it was all so new and sudden. But he quickly realized the beauty of a warm bed and a full tummy.

ojitos transformation

Ojitos allowed himself to trust his two guardian angels, Joyci and Bianca. He finally realized that not all humans are bad.

ojitos transformation

Slowly but surely, Ojitos recovered. His fur grew back in, there was life in his eyes, and he opened his heart.

ojitos transformation

Finally, Ojitos stepped into the sunlight once again — but this time, he was loved. Watch the video below to see his full transformation.

ojitos transformation

Ursula Vari, the creator, editor, and writer of the video to YouTube, helped fund Ojitos’ medical care, privately raised money for a spay and neuter campaign and a street campaign to administer anti-mange medication and antibiotics to the street dogs of Peru.

“If anyone in the U.S. would consider adopting, I would be happy to ‘hand deliver’ them to the families,” Ursula says. “This is my passion and my life, and I will do anything to help these souls.” There are many street dogs in Iquitos available for adoption in the United States.

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