Documented Situation Of Abused Dog Will Make You Think Of Everything To Consider Before Getting A Pet

The number of animal abuse cases is staggering. It makes this world seem like a dark, cold place with no compassion or humanity left.

Before you decide to get a new dog, there are many things to consider. Dogs come with countless responsibilities. Besides the basic necessities, they need regular exercise, visits to the vets, baths, play dates with other dogs, and most importantly, love. A dog’s love is unconditional.

When Justin Long, an actor known for his light-hearted roles in films like Dodgeball and Accepted, becomes the voice for Charlie the dog, you assume his voiceover will be comedic. Once you realize how serious the situation is, however, it breaks your heart to see and hear how miserable the poor dog is. What Charlie went through is something no living creature should ever have to endure. We all need to be aware and take action, as this neighbor did.


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