Dog Flu Is Spreading Across The US: Here’s What You Need To Know To Keep Your Pet Safe

Most people know what to do when struck by the flu. The symptoms are common, and there’s plenty of over-the-counter medicines you can take when flu season hits hard.

But one sickness most people aren’t familiar with is dog flu. Did you know that your dog could actually catch a canine version of the flu? I had no idea!

In the video below and from other sources like Business Insider and PetMD, experts indicate that dog flu is not only spreading across the US right now but spreading at a rapid rate and affecting family pets with an unbelievable voracity.

“It is a highly contagious, viral infection that could affect both dogs and cats,” according to the authorities in the clip.

Dog parks are hotbeds for viruses that are most harmful to pets, apparently, and 80% of dogs who come in contact with the virus end up catching it.

While Kentucky and Ohio currently show the most active cases of dog flu, according to the video and the official dog flu website, nearly a dozen more states are popping up, indicating just how quickly the virus is spreading.

The American Veterinary Medical Association believes those states are most affected after several cases of “canine H3N2 influenza” were first reported in Chicago in 2015.

Just like the human flu, the canine flu is an airborne virus and can make dogs feel lethargic and feverish, with other symptoms including a cough or nasal discharge.

It’s important for even the most vigilant dog owners to keep an eye out on their pups this particular season, now that multiple strains of the dog flu are popping up across the US.

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