Family Finds Beloved Bernese Mountain Dog In Charred Ruins Of House After Believing She Was Dead

The wildfires in California have been leaving destruction and devastation in their wake, but there have been stories of hope.

Jack Weaver and his family were convinced that they had lost their Bernese mountain dog in the fire. Jack and his brother-in-law walked around his parents’ Santa Rosa home searching for their dog Izzy. Assuming they’d find her body, Jack didn’t want his mother to be the one to discover the dog.

Jack recorded their hunt for the dog and as you’ll see in the footage below, he catches the exact moment he spots a familiar face in the ash and rubble. “Izzy is here!” Jack yelled. “Izzy, come here baby!”

You’ll see a dark blob next to a tree come running out of the rubble and both men scream knowing the family’s beloved dog is alive and well. “It was one of the greatest moments of my life,” Jack said. “It was elation — we came walking around the corner [and] we didn’t expect to see her.”

Jack went on to say that they had walked up to the house to record the destruction to see if there was anything they could salvage.

Watch the emotional reunion in the clip below — and have a box of tissues ready.

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