3-Year-Old Disappears From Yard, Then Rescuers Spot Family Dog Lying On Top Of Him In A Field

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to look in the direction of their child playing and find it empty. Just seconds ago, your little one was sitting there having a blast and now there’s no one in sight.

The panic settles in and it’s tough to think clearly about your next action — and your next action is so important. After that, it’s all a blur. The police arrive and start their search and all you can do is wait for answers.

This is the nightmare that Courtney Urness lived out in her very own backyard.

Her 3-year-old son Carson was playing outside her house with the family dog, Cooper when Urness noticed both of them were gone.

The police immediately began searching the area with volunteers from the neighborhood.

Rescuers began losing hope after six hours of fruitless searching on foot, by car, and via helicopter turned up nothing.

They decided to give it one more shot before calling it a night and regrouping. That’s when the last of the searchers saw Cooper’s head pop up through the tall grass in a field located a whopping mile away from the Urness home.

Cooper was lying on top of little Carson to keep him warm in the 40 °F weather. The dog was the true hero of the night and both Carson and Cooper made it home safe and sound.

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