Mama Sneaks Her Ducklings Into The House, Then Homeowner Trails Behind With A Camera

There is just something magical about mama ducks leading their ducklings to water. Only it is not magic; it is nature — and ducks know exactly what they are doing.

One smart Muscovy duck has used the same backyard garden as a nursery for three years. She has Caroline Verhees, the owner of the home, so well trained that they now leave the sliding door open so Mama Duck and her ducklings can take a shortcut through their home.

“One morning, I heard a ticking sound in the garden and, when I looked, I saw her with her 12 little ones, ticking on my window. I put away the dog, opened the front door and then the back door, and she walked through my living room,” Caroline said.

Watch this adorable video as Mama leads her ducklings through the back door, down a hallway, out the front door, down the driveway, across a street, and finally to the pond.

Mama ducks typically lead their babies to water within 24 hours of hatching. They often look for nesting locations away from predators like raccoons, coyotes, dogs, and cats, sometimes even nesting up to a mile from water.

Fortunately, this duck family doesn’t have very far to travel.

Between the proud mama duck making her way through the house and the adorable babies waddling behind her, all of them brown except for one little yellow guy bringing up the rear — if you love ducks and ducklings as much as I do, this video is guaranteed to make your day.

I could seriously watch these ducklings all day, and I just might!

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