She Just Wants A Little Piece Of His Daddy’s Sandwich And How She Goes About Getting It Will Leave You Laughing…

Rod Cameron just wanted to eat his sandwich in peace, but his Great Danes Linda and Dinky have other plans. As soon as Linda sees that Dad is enjoying a delectable, homemade egg sandwich, she runs right over. Linda then throws the world’s most hysterical hissy fit.

Dad retorts, “Linda listen. You didn’t want your food, why do you want mine?!”

Then he gets Linda ‘umph’ into his whining, but turn the volume up so you don’t miss her rumbling “I love you!”

Next thing you know Dinky’s brother Romeo chooses to join in, too, but his approach is a little different. Instead of grumbling loudly, he decides to be very quiet and just use puppy-dog eyes!

In the end, Dad relinquishes a piece of sandwich for each dog, even Peanut gets a bite, and everybody’s happy! I mean how could he resist these two beautiful dogs?


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