Kenny Chesney Chartered A Huge Plane To Rescue Over 100 Dogs Stranded On Island After Hurricane

At the end of summer 2017, it felt like the hurricanes would never stop coming.

From Texas to Florida to Puerto Rico, storm after storm seemed to want to tear us down.

One area of the world hit particularly hard by this year’s hurricane season was the Virgin Islands. Billionaire Richard Branson documented the devastation Hurricane Irma brought to his private island in the BVI, Necker Island.

Now, the people who live in the Virgin Islands are left to pick up the mess Hurricane Irma left behind — but thankfully some kindhearted strangers are reaching out to help.

Country music star Kenny Chesney is from Tennessee, but he owns a home on the island of St. John, in the US Virgin Islands. Much of the US Virgin Islands is still without power, making it hard for people to take care of themselves and their beloved pets. Many pets ended up in shelters, where they were not much better off.

So, Kenny Chesney chartered a plane and filled it with over 100 stranded dogs.

Then, he paid to have those dogs flown to the US, where they will make their way to shelters and hopefully, to brand-new forever homes.

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, country star Miranda Lambert similarly brought as many dogs as she could to safety. I’m sure these sweet pups are so thankful to Kenny and Miranda, who are helping them get a second shot at life.

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