Man Sees Tiny, Shaking Body, Then He Realizes Puppy Was Thrown 30 Feet Down A Canal

I have a very big heart. I try to keep it open and spread love to all of the animals I meet that need it.

On the internet, we read so many stories about animals that have been severely abused and shouldn’t have survived, yet these beautiful animals still manage to make it.

Jordan was found in a ravine in Los Angeles, shaking while sitting on a Cheetos bag. He was missing a leg, which had been cut off before he was tossed down over 30 feet.

Thankfully, the folks at Hope For Paws got involved in Jordan’s rescue. They brought him straight to a doctor and wanted to rush the tiny dog into surgery, but he was too fragile to get the immediate help.

Jordan got IV blood transfusions, multiple baths, and then he was finally was able to get his life-saving surgery.

With a lot of TLC, Jordan went from a puppy who’d been horribly abused, suffering from mange and many other ailments, to a fully grown and loved a dog who has made the best of his new lease on life!

If you enjoy seeing animals like Jordan get rescued from these terrible circumstances, you will be happy to see this German shepherd being saved!

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