Scared Dog Keeps Following Man During Hurricane Harvey, So He Posts Message Online For Owners

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the state of Texas.

Although people have lost everything to this unprecedented storm, there are still some small positive things to focus on. Tragedy can bring out the kindness in people, as this incredible dog rescue proves.

Aaron Jayjack is a storm chaser from Austin who was in Houston during Hurricane Harvey.

According to his YouTube channel, Aaron was tracking the hurricane when he came across “a helpless dog.” The scared pup followed Aaron down the road for a while, eventually jumping into the car all on his own.

Aaron couldn’t leave the sweet, scared pup alone, so he kept him in his car. Immediately, Aaron tweeted out a picture of the scared dog to his 2,000 followers.

He was hoping that social media could help him reunite this terrified pup with his family.

While waiting for help, Aaron dubbed the dog “Harvey.”

Even though the situation Harvey found himself in couldn’t have been scarier, he’s very lucky he found such a kind, caring stranger to watch over him!

Thousands of people online helped spread the word to locate Harvey’s owners.

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