Missing Toddler And Her Faithful Dog Rescued After A 15 Hour Search

It was a frigid night when 3-year-old Victoria wandered away from her home in the rural town of Cordes Lakes, Arizona. The temperature was going to drop dramatically. She wandered out her house looking for her doggie, Blue, who went missing in the woods near the families home.

The Search and Rescue teams scoured the area for over 15 hours. Finally, a helicopter spotted Victoria lying in a dry creek bed. What they saw next was unbelievable, Blue was right there lying on top of her.

toddler rescued by her dog

Blue is a Queensland Heeler and had been a part of the family since Victoria was born. He stayed right by her side all night and was keeping her warm when the temps dropped below freezing.

toddler rescued by her dog

When the medics arrived, Blue was being very protective of her and the medics were afraid they would be bitten. But as soon as Victoria stood up and smiled, Blue relaxed and the two were sent up to safety in a helicopter.

Victoria suffered from mild frostbite, but her family credited their faithful dog Blue with saving her life.


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