Dramatic Dog Hilariously Pretends To Faint To Avoid Having Her Nails Trimmed

This is the moment a dramatic dog tries to avoid getting her nails trimmed by fainting before the first snip.

A video of the Oscar-worthy performance by a pit bull in the US went viral over the weekend after it was shared on Reddit.

It shows the pooch ignoring her nail-clipper-wielding owner before finally giving up her front paw.

Just as the owner about to trim the first nail, the dog makes her theatrical descent.

drama dog avoids nail trimming

An adorable video shows a pit bull’s desperate attempt to avoid getting her nails trimmed

drama dog avoids nail trimming

The dramatic dog allows her owner to pick up her paw before pretending to faint on the floor

The pup topples over to the left as if in slow motion.

She rolls all the way onto her back and lays there with legs splayed up in the air, allowing her owner to get on with the nail-clipping.

Several viewers commented on the video praising the dog for her valiant attempt to avoid such an unpleasant task.

It’s unclear where or when the 56-second video was recorded.

drama dog avoids nail trimming

The pet topples over as if in slow motion, still allowing her owner to hold onto her paw

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