Jack Russell’s Hilariously Clumsy Dog Show Routine Leaves Commentators And Audience In Stitches

Dog shows in the U.K. dog shows are taken very seriously. Owners and their dogs sometimes spend years preparing for the popular agility test. During the latest Crufts Dog Show’s “Rescue Dog Agility” an adorable Jack Russell competed and he was not taking it too seriously.

Ollie, the energetic rescue, attempts to jump over one of the obstacles on the course and face-plants.

“Oh what a nose dive!” says the commentator. “And he couldn’t care less!”

Much to the dismay of his trainer, Karen, Ollie decides to just have fun. He just runs around the arena and at one point, stops to sniff an interesting corner.

“Wrong way!” says the commentator through laughter. “Ah well, doesn’t really matter, does it?”

The commentator tells Ollie’s story, he was re-homed from the Blue Cross organization at 10 weeks old. “When he got his new home they changed his name to Lockey then changed it to Ollie, so he’s probably a bit confused!”

Ollie won’t be taking any blue ribbons home, but he definitely won everyone’s hearts!

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