When This Puppy Wouldn’t Stop Crying After Surgery, What One Vet Assistant Did Was Remarkable

Little Meesha was overwhelmed when she was brought to the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore. Meesha hadn’t counted on the level of care the dedicated employees and volunteers of BARCS provide. Surgical assistant Dennis Moses consoled the whimpering pup after she was spayed. Thanks to the gentle, loving affection from the staff at the shelter, Meesha was able to not only overcome her nerves, but was quickly adopted into a new forever home.

We really felt for little Meesha after hearing her almost inaudible cries, and we could really feel the stress melting away as she was showered with kisses, hugs, and affirmations.

Little Meesha’s doing great in her new home, check out the picture below.

vet comfort dog after surgery


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