Dog Is Crying Nonstop At The Shelter Until The Staff Has A Brilliant Idea That Changes Everything…

When Juice spent 10 long months at MoCo Animal Services without being adopted, the staff wanted nothing more than to help him. They couldn’t figure out why the dog was always passed over when people visited to adopt a pet.

After nearly 10 months, Juice started to suffer and became stressed. He really needed to get out of the shelter and a staff member took him home for a sleepover to give him a break from life at the shelter.  Even though a night away from the shelter seemed like a good idea, it turned out to be devastating for Juice, at first.

When Juice was returned to the shelter the next morning, he was crushed. He had seen how wonderful life at home with a family could be, and the poor dog cried for hours.

The staff decided to film Juice in an effect to speed up Juice’s adoption. They posted the video on YouTube along with an explanation of how Juice is a wonderful dog who needed a home as soon as possible, otherwise he’d become depressed and risk losing his will to live.

It worked! The video was seen by hundreds of thousands of people and a good family stepped forward to take Juice home and make him their own.

Juice is finally living the good life!

dog crying


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