This Dog Had Been Hit By A Car And A Perfect Stranger Does The Unthinkable

Delilah, an 11-year-old dog has been given a second chance at life by a total stranger.  Delilah was facing being put to sleep after being hit by a vehicle.  The medical costs were far outside the realm of possibility for her human, and that all but impossible decision to let her go was the only option.

The vet bill was going to come to $6,000, and Delilah’s human just didn’t have it.  Gus Koucouthakis found Delilah after being hit, and did not want to see someone have to let their dog go.  He decided to pay the bill himself.

Delilah’s owner, Cari, had just undergone knee replacement surgery, which as many will know, is not a cheap thing to have done.  Then, on top of that, she got the news that Delilah was going to have to be put to sleep.  What an awful position to be put in.

Then, along comes a Good Samaritan and turns things around.  Not only will Delilah be saved, but Cari wasn’t going to have to worry about coming up with $6,000 she didn’t have.

Gus said, “It’s that time of the year and it’s just a great feeling that you can be a part of something and bring joy to someone and you can save a life. It’s just a great feeling and it really touches your heart.”


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