The Proper Way To Safely Break Up A Dog Fight

Dog owners like to socialize their dogs as much as possible. They take them to the dog park and try to teach them to play well with others. Sometimes, the inevitable happens, and a dogfight breaks out. This dangerous event can lead to injuries. It’s important to know how to break one up without injuring yourself in the process.

breaking up dog fight

What you need to know is the difference between a real fight and a play fight. During a play fight, the dogs’ skin should be loose, and their tails should be wagging. If their hackles are up and they are becoming rough with each other, then it is a real dogfight.

At the beginning of the fight, try a quick shout towards your dog, and that should be enough to stop them from making things worse. If that does not stop them, then try not to panic. Dogs smell the pheromones released during fear, and they will use that as fuel to make the fight worse.

breaking up dog fight

Try spraying the dogs with water and startle them. If that is not enough to separate them, try using a piece of furniture, such as a chair or a large board and place it between them so that line of sight is broken and they cannot lunge at each other. Throwing a blanket over them seems to work since the sudden change in surroundings can leave them confused.

breaking up dog fight

Dog owners have resorted to grabbing their dogs’ collars to pull them apart. This may be an effective method, and it can surprise the dog in their heightened state, but they may turn on you in fear and bite you.

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