Family Dog Is Devastated After The Loss Of Her Best Friend

Animals are capable of forming relationships, just like humans. Sometimes, the bonds are even stronger. The bond between Flora and her best friend, Dexter was incredible.

However, Flora’s 20-year-old feline friend had recently just passed away. Flora, a beautiful malamute, was very upset and just wanted her best friend back.

devastated dog

Flora’s family tried everything to bring a smile back to her face, but nothing seemed to work.

Then the Williams’ adopted two cats in hopes to ease Flora’s pain. There was just one problem, neither kitty wanted to cuddle, or even be around her. This made Flora even more depressed than before.

As a last resort, the family decided to try something else. They rescued a litter of four kittens!

Roxy, Iggy, Bowie, and Glamour, all fell in love with the children in the house. Flora was overwhelmed and that was exactly what she needed.

devastated dog

Flora instantly perked up when she met the little bundles of joy. Moreover, the kittens were not afraid of the big loving pup.

“Iggy was the first brave boy. He went right up to Flora and sniffed her nose. She gently brought her face down to meet his and got a huge smile on her face,” said Jill Williams, Flora’s owner.

devastated dog

Iggy’s sister, Glamour, stepped up to Flora and sniffed her ears and eyes. Flora didn’t move a muscle and just laid there with a huge grin on her face.

“I truly think Flora is the kitten whisperer,” said Jill.

devastated dog

Flora helped with the growth and development of the kittens, who are now up for adoption. Not to worry, the family is planning on fostering a new litter of kittens, so Flora will not be depressed. They want her loving and nurturing skills always to be in use!

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