Do Dogs Get Tired Of Barking?

do dogs get tired of barking

Are you finding that your dog doesn’t stop barking? If you are probably wondering, do dogs get tired of barking? Dogs might bark for hours on end, but it’s easy to stop them when you know what their triggers are.

Dr. Michelle Burch, a veterinarian from Safe Hounds Pet Insurance, and Lena Abuarafeh, a dog trainer with K9 Master Dog Training in San Mateo California were kind enough to provide insights into why dogs bark.

Why do dogs bark?

Dogs bark for a variety of different reasons, according to Abuarafeh.  Here are the most common reasons dogs bark:


Boredom is one of life’s biggest enemies and dogs are no exception! When they don’t get enough mental (or physical) stimulation from their environment, it can lead to many negative behaviors – such as barking constantly. “Their solution to boredom is to bark and get your attention,” Dr. Burch told us. “The barking can be intermittent or continuous.”

Separation Anxiety 

According to Dr. Burch, dogs are social pack animals who can become anxious and stressed when separated from their owners. “Their response to the anxiety can be barking to obtain your attention and reunite the pack, especially if they sleep in a crate,” Dr. Burch said. “The barking tends to be constant yips and can be mixed with whining and crying.”


Dogs are very astute, and can pick up on small wildlife noises that we humans probably wouldn’t notice! “Your dog may listen to a squirrel, raccoon, or opossum outside and be triggered to start barking and protecting their environment,” Dr. Burch said. “The barking can be a short burst of a deep tone of barking.”


If your dog has a territorial instinct, then he’ll start barking when somebody or something enters his territory. “Territorial dogs are prone to much more barking as they can be very protective of their homes,” Abuarafeh told us. “Alerting the family is a priority to your dog while also letting the noise know there is a house protector,” Dr. Burch said. “Your dog’s bark will be a short burst of deep-toned barking.”

Loss of vision

When your dog is losing her sight, the way she communicates changes.
She may start barking more often and at different places in order to help find where YOU are around! “Barking at nighttime can be the first sign of vision loss,” Dr. Burch said. “You may also see your dog running into objects when they are placed in typical walking paths. Barking can be consistent and steady.”

Why do some dogs bark more than others?

“Certain breeds of dogs will bark more than others based on their breeding and genetics,” Dr. Burch said.

Breeds more prone to excessive barking include:

Dogs in general, meaning all breeds, bark because, over the span of evolving around humans, barking became a way to communicate on a larger, louder scale.

do dogs get tired of barking

Do Dogs Get Tired Of Barking?

Eventually, but most dog owners will tell you it’ll take a while. They’ll get frustrated because they think you aren’t listening to them. As the barking continues, they’ll eventually get physically tired.

“Dogs will eventually get tired of barking or [become] physically exhausted, but typically this happens long after an owner’s patience has worn out of hearing it,” Dr. Burch said.

“They will end up panting if they go on for too long,” According to Abuarafeh, your dog won’t bark as long if the barking is stress-related. “For many dogs, it’s a self-rewarding behavior, and they actually do enjoy it,” Abuarafeh said.

How to stop a dog from barking?

When it comes to why your dog barks, the answer might be something as simple and innocent-sounding as an animal running by. Other times you could have territorial issues or separation anxiety which would require special training in order for them fully stop this behavior from happening!

“If your dog suddenly has an uncharacteristic barking episode, then I recommend investigating why,” Dr. Burch said.

To help reduce excessive barking in dogs, Dr. Burch generally recommends these tips:

Make sure she’s exercising

The best way to stop your dog from barking all day long? Ensure they’re getting enough mental and physical stimulation. The key is in making sure that those pups have a strong mind as well as body! “Dogs need at least one hour of exercise, broken into a morning exercise session and an evening exercise session,” Dr. Burch said. “A tired dog tends not to bark as much or be on constant alert.”

do dogs get tired of barking

Make sure she’s mentally stimulated

There are plenty of ways to keep your dog stimulated mentally, like learning new tricks, playing games, or getting them to work for their food. Keeping your dog’s brain active will keep them from getting bored which, in turn, will help with excessive barking. “Activities can include puzzle toys they must complete to obtain a treat, hide-and-seek with their favorite toy or agility training,” Dr. Burch recommended.

do dogs get tired of barking

Drown out unusual sounds

Turn on a white noise machine to minimize the outdoor noises your pup may be hearing, making sure it’s in a room where she likes most of her time. “You may also choose to turn the TV or radio on to help block noise,” Dr. Burch said. “Ensure that you are not selecting a station that can cause reactions, such as Animal Planet with wildlife and other animals present.”

do dogs get tired of barking

Ultimately when answering do dogs get tired of barking? The simple answer is dogs won’t get tired of barking, but a tired dog may bark less. Make sure your pet gets plenty of playtime and exercise as this alone could help to curb constant barking.

If you’re having trouble figuring out why your dog barks a lot, have them checked by the veterinarian. “A complete examination will be performed by your veterinarian, including extensive eye examination and bloodwork,” Dr. Burch said.