Every Day An Old Dog Walks 4 Miles Into Town For This Special Reason…

Bruno the dog, has been walking 4 miles almost daily for the past 12 years to Longville, Minnesota, just to say ‘hi’ to the town’s people.

Over a decade ago a man came into Larry LaVallee’s driveway holding a small pup. The passer-by thought the dog belonged to them. However, the little guy was a stray and had nothing to do with Larry or any of his neighbors. But as soon as LaVallee saw the puppy, he decided to keep it.

All Bruno ever wanted to do was go on journeys. The master even got used to the town’s newcomers calling and claiming they’d found his dog. He also got used to the confusion at the other end of the line when he’d tell the good samaritans to let go of his dog since Bruno is perfectly capable of walking back by himself.

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