Vet Technician Is The Only One Who Can Calm Blind, Deaf Puppy

Piglet is a tiny deaf, and blind double dapple dachshund and Chihuahua mix who lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut. He is named for his pink coloring.

Because of his owners irresponsible breeding, two of his three litter mates were also affected with vision and hearing problems.

“When I was contacted by the rescue director about a tiny blind and deaf puppy that wasn’t doing so well, I offered to foster until he was ready for adoption,” writes Piglet’s adoptive mother, Melissa Shapiro.

blind deaf puppy

Melissa first met Piglet at an adoption event, where he was screaming all alone in his crate and couldn’t be consoled.

“There, I was greeted by our veterinary technician friend who took the 1.6-pound screaming puppy from me,” she explains. “She quickly stuffed him into her shirt which resulted in an immediate cessation of the screaming as he fell asleep.”

blind deaf puppy

Piglet fell in love with the vet technician. However, as soon as Piglet was taken out of her shirt, he began to scream all the way home.

“Frequent visits to the vet hospital have solidified the bond Piglet has with his vet tech ‘girlfriend,” Melissa explains. “Piglet knows when we are at the vet hospital. When he gets to the door, his tail immediately starts into a wild wag, He marches in and begins his search for his BFF. Everyone watches the little deaf, blind puppy as he uses his nose to locate his favorite friend.”

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