Heartbreaking Photo Of A Homeless Dog Is Going Viral

There really are some truly amazing people out there in the world. The dedicated volunteers who work for the nonprofit group “Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project” put their precious time and even personal money into saving as many stray dogs as possible.

Down in Houston, there is quite a big problem when it comes to stray dogs. Whether it be people abandoning them, or they’re totally feral, there is a real problem in this area of the city. Over the years, the people of the Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project have fed countless dogs and have rescued 864 dogs from the 5th Ward alone.

These people have managed to take dogs off the streets and find them amazing forever homes filled with families who will love them for good! They’re a no-kill rescue, and they help as many dogs with food, vetting, and proper pet care.

But when one volunteer came across a homeless dog, she saw something heartbreaking. This one dog, while sad in itself, was a representation of the much bigger problem of the thousands of dogs in need of good homes. She snapped a quick photo, and it went instantly viral.

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viral dog sleeping stuffed animal rescue

This heartbreaking image is only a tiny piece of a much bigger problem down in Houston. But if you live in the area please, keep an eye out for this beautiful little dog.

The volunteers were out caring for strays and catching dogs to be treated and eventually adopted out to good homes when they came across this dog, using an old teddy bear for something to snuggle with.

viral dog sleeping stuffed animal rescue

The volunteers of the Forgotten Dogs Of The 5th Ward Project would have loved to have captured the sleeping dog, but their van was already overfull from the strays they had picked up earlier.

They planned to come back as soon as possible to see if they could catch the sleeping baby.

viral dog sleeping stuffed animal rescue

Unfortunately, the dog was gone by the time they arrived. The volunteers found 89-year-old Calvin who quietly confirmed that the dog was his, but the dog always managed to free himself and live homeless in the streets.

With so many wild dogs in the 5th Ward, he has always done his best to take care of as many as possible. But this dog managed to escape over the fence and run away.

The volunteers offered to help Calvin with some vet costs and to neuter his remaining dogs, and he happily thanked them.

viral dog sleeping stuffed animal rescue

Hopefully, the beautiful sleeping dog will be found and either given to Calvin or brought to a new home if Calvin feels he can’t manage. The sleeping dog represents a much bigger problem, and it’s only through the amazing efforts of nonprofit groups like these that we’ll one day make sure all of these dogs find a good home.

Because all animals deserve to feel love.

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