Watch How Socks Changed This Pug’s Life

Leia is a 14-year-old pug who was adopted by Niki Geroni-Lajoie of Toronto, Canada.

Not long after she was adopted, Niki ripped out all the carpets in her condo and installed hardwood flooring. Leia had a hard time  with the new floors and was slipping and sliding all over the hardwood.  She was not used to the traction-less floor.

“I was worried she was going to sprain something, being so old and wobbly already,” said Niki.

pug wearing socks

Niki decided she needed to do something for Leia and that’s when she thought of getting her some little pug socks for extra grip.

“She went from being fairly immobile and fearful to walk across the floor to trundling around with a lot of confidence just by putting on her socks,” Geroni-Lajoie explains. “She helps put them on. She knows they help her.”

Niki says that once Leia has her socks on, she becomes a whole new dog.

pug wearing socks

“She will stand on the living room rug and bark for me or cry, trying to get around if the socks aren’t on,” Geroni-Lajoie adds. “She runs around and you can tell she’s really happy and waggy.”

pug wearing socks

“Leia is old so she sleeps a lot, but when she’s awake she’s very opinionated,” Geroni-Lajoie says. “She’s feisty and goofy and loves attention more than any other dog I’ve ever known. She’d give her kingdom for a head pat, that’s for sure.”

pug wearing socks

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