Dogs Get A Surprise Ice Cream Cone, How They Respond Is Too Cute For Words

Cooper and Daisy love ice cream, which is why their trip to the McDonald’s drive-thru is filled with so much anticipation and excitement. Watch as their owner waves a vanilla cone in front of their expectant faces and prepare to laugh out loud at Cooper’s reaction.

We had to know: is it actually safe for dogs to eat ice cream? According to Dog Food Advisor, some dogs have zero issue digesting dairy products. However, other canines are lactose intolerant (just like people) and you’ll know it right away if they suffer from gas, diarrhea, or vomiting following a dairy treat like this vanilla cone. dog Food Advisor states, “The lower the lactose content of any dairy product, the more likely it will be for your dog to tolerate consuming them without distress” and food items like cheddar and swiss cheese are the safest bets in comparison to, say, milk or ice cream. ┬áThe best course of action, though? Watch your dog’s behavior following a dairy treat and make sure they’re feeling OK. Definitely a useful morsel of information for all the dog owners out there!

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