Nursing Home Employees Find Job For Cat After She Sneaked In And Refused To Leave

Oreo is a friendly cat who began showing up at St. Augustine Health Ministries, an elderly retirement home. Each day, Oreo would show up outside and sit with residents as they waited for rides. Her sweet spirit quickly stole the resident’s hearts.

Before they knew it, Oreo began coming inside the nursing home. When the receptionist found Oreo at her desk, she knew Oreo had found a new home!

nursing home cat

“She’s like the family here. She helps the residents, she helps the employees, and we just love her”

nursing home cat

“Most of the people we serve here had pets… so to have Oreo here, to be able to come out and pet the cat…”

“And see how the cat is doing… it brings… those feelings of home.”

nursing home cat

“I think [Oreo] just brings a lot of laughter, a lot of smiles, and a lot of just normalcy.”

nursing home cat

The world is just finding out about Oreo and the wonderful job she does at the nursing home. It brings a tear thinking that these wonderful, elderly people have a little piece of home whenever Oreo is around. Our furry friends are wonderful therapy.

Check out this Oreo in action in the video below!


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