Family Saves Magpie That Fell From A Tree

Often, when an animal is rescued, they become eternally grateful to the family that takes them in. The bond they share with their rescuers and new families is often for life.

However, it could be said that both parties save each other. This is the case with the family in this story and their Magpie companion.

Magpie rescued

While in their backyard one day, a family saw something fall from the sky. The youngest child ran to see what had crash landed in their yard.

What fell from the tree was a baby magpie bird. The bird had fallen from a high branch in a tree. The family looked for the magpie’s mother but saw no sign of her. That is when the family decided to take the little bird in and nurse it back to health.

Magpie rescued

The little magpie had landed in the middle of a family that was falling apart. Just before the little bird, named “Penguin,” showed up, Sam, the mother in the family, was in a terrible accident that left her confined to a wheelchair.

Sam kept up a brave face for her family and genuinely tried to keep up her happy demeanor, but, deep down inside, Sam was not happy. Sam felt like she could not help anyone felt like a burden to her family. The family tried everything they could to make Sam feel better, but Sam wanted to feel useful again.

Magpie rescued

While Sam was exercising, Penguin would exercise right next to her, and the duo got stronger every day. After Penguin had healed, the family tried to release her back into the wild, but Penguin would always fly right back to the house. Penguin had adopted the family as her own.

While the entire family loved Penguin, Sam was always the one that Penguin gravitated to the most. Penguin made the entire family laugh, according to the dad, that is what the family had been missing for quite some time.

Magpie rescued

Sam got stronger over time with the help and encouragement of her family and Penguin. Sam got so strong; she was eventually recruited for a national kayaking team. Sam was ecstatic, and her family was so proud and Penguin, however, did something rather peculiar that day.

The day that Sam was recruited, Penguin flew away and never returned. The family was sad, but Sam knew why Penguin left. It was because Penguin had fulfilled her purpose. Penguin was a guardian angel to Sam and her family. Sam would never forget Penguin, and he would always have a special place in her heart for Sam and her family.

Watch the video below to see Penguin and Sam recover together.


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