Four Little Kittens Listen To Street Singer That Everyone Else Ignored

For centuries street singing, dancing and performing on streets has been going on, Some street performances are awesome and others you can’t wait to scurry past in a hurry! But whatever the quality, the fact of the matter is that they are trying and doing something which makes them happy. A singer has been out all day singing with the hopes of some attention from a nearby audience, together with a friend they were almost ready to call it a night, because if no one is giving you attention what’s the point?

And then…Suddenly, he had an audience…four three-month-old kittens sitting and listening to the street performer as he’s playing his favorite tune. And by the looks of it, it’s their favorite too!

They sit in front of the busker, eyes tilted upwards, enjoying the man’s performance. At one point, their tiny heads even begin bobbing to the beat.

The man’s friend, who uploaded the video to Facebook, explained, “My friend had just finished busking on that night but not many people heard him sing. He was feeling upset, then he sits and relaxes and sings the song just for fun.”Suddenly the kittens (3 months old) come and sit in front of him. It’s like [they] know his feeling and give him support.”

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