Their Kitten’s Nose Was Swelling At Rapid Rate, Then Their Vet Removes This From It…

When these new kitten parents notice their pet had a terribly swollen nose, they were concerned for their pet’s well-being and immediately took her to the vet.

Her nose was swelling at a massive rate, and she could barely keep her head up. It did not take their vet very long at all to discover what was wrong with their kitten.

Dr. Farrington, their veterinarian, performed a quick examination and delivered shocking news to the kitten’s adoptive family. What she found in the kitten’s nose made all of their jaws drop.

kitten nose swelling

Dr. Farrington knew that they had to act quickly in order to save the kitten’s life. It is very dangerous to put a kitten this small under anesthesia, so Dr. Farrington did her best to soothe the desperate kitty.

kitten nose swelling

She wrapped the kitten in a blanket for her safety and for the safety of the rest of the medical team. Dr. Farrington already had an idea of what she would find when she excavated the kitten’s nose.

kitten nose swelling

Watch this whole video below to see what hiding inside this kitten’s nose!

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