Farmer Begs His Horse Not To Die After She Took A Tragic Fall, Then A Miracle Occurs…

The farmer featured in the video below is Marek Slodkowski and he’s been raising horses now for 13 years. In spite of that experience, he’s never gone through a tragedy like the one that happened to him recently.

He stepped into the barn one day, he found that his beloved horse had taken a terrible fall into a maintenance pit under some boards on the floor and had become trapped.

Ironically enough, the horse’s name happens to be Freedom. Hoping to free Freedom, Marek started stuffing the pit with hay, thinking she’d be able to pull herself out using the hay for leverage. Unfortunately, his plan didn’t work.

Marek called the fire department for help, but even they were at a loss as to how to help get Freedom out. Then the most amazing thing happened.


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