Man’s Best Friend Proves He Is Best Protector, Saves Little Girl from Death in Her Own Backyard

Many people resist saving dogs from public shelters because they feel they don’t how the dog’s temperament will work with their family, and especially their small kids. But one shelter dog got the chance to prove he has a hero’s temperament after he saved a family’s small child from a very dangerous situation.

Hero Rescue Dog

Naturally horrified, she ran out, but what she saw was not at all what she expected. And far from trying to harm her daughter, the new dog named Khan had actually likely saved her daughter’s life.

Hero Rescue Dog

That’s because Khan was shielding the toddler from a King Brown snake, known to be one of the most venomous and deadly in the world. He grabbed the girl by her diaper, and protected her by throwing her behind him. Rousing the snake, the reptile moved in and bit Khan’s paw.

Hero Rescue Dog

Fortunately for all involved, anti-venom was administered and Khan lived to see another day. And Charlotte’s mom never worried about leaving the dog around her young daughter again, quite the opposite, in fact.

So next time you consider getting a new dog, walk by the pet shop and drive right on down to the shelter to adopt a dog. You’ll likely find an amazing new friend, protector, and possibly the best snake-deflector around.


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