Pregnant Pig Has Tiny Belly But After 6th Baby Arrives He Knows X-Rays Were Totally Wrong

If you love animals, then I guarantee this will quickly become one of your favorite videos.

When the team at Apricot Lane Farms in California took in a sick pig named Emma, things weren’t looking good. Not only was she extremely malnourished and underweight, she was also pregnant.

They were told she was carrying six piglets and would go into labor at any moment. But John Chester, the owner of Apricot Lane, was about to learn those X-rays had been completely wrong.

That evening, John and his wife Molly went into Emma’s pen and found her giving birth — but not to six piglets.

John and his team were absolutely shocked when Emma delivered a whopping 17 piglets. Out of those 17 babies, 13 survived.

The new mother was exhausted. By this point, she was so sick and drained that she stopped producing milk for her babies. She was on the brink of death.

John knew he had to separate the piglets from Emma and handle their around-the-clock care in order to try and save Emma’s life. But nothing seemed to work. Emma refused to eat, and John prepared for her to pass away.

John had one last idea — to reunite Emma with her 13 piglets.

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