Miracle Cat Saved Her 64-Year-Old Owner’s Life

Tom, the cat, is being hailed as a hero who saved his owner, Sue McKenzie’s life. One day, he started tapping the back of her neck. Sue thought that there was something wrong with Tom and took him to the vet. The vet later confirmed there was nothing wrong with Tom and maybe the cat was trying to communicate with her. Sue checked the back of her neck; she saw a lump, which was later confirmed as cancer.

Ever since that day, Tom has been called the “miracle cat, ” and his story has gone viral! He was solely responsible for detecting cancer in his 64-year-old owner before anyone else. Sue said that it was only because of him she was still alive!

Cat detected cancer

Sue adopted Tom approximately 20 years ago. She said she could not understand what Tom was trying to do when he is starting tapping the back of her neck. He would not only pet the back of her neck, but he would meow very loudly. He did this for about two weeks, and by that time Sue figured something was wrong. Sue suffered from gland problems earlier in her life, never thought that the lump was serious because she was not feeling any discomfort at all.

Cat detected cancer

Because Tom was so persistent, she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The amazing thing is that as soon as she was diagnosed, the cat stopped tapping the back of her neck! Sue had to undergo six rounds of chemotherapy, and because of her cat Tom, she survived!

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