Grandma Falls And Can’t Get Up, Then She Whispers In Dog’s Ear To Get Help

Doris Jenkins was changing into her nightgown one evening. The 91-year-old briefly took off her medical alert bracelet. She went into the kitchen to take her medication but had an awful reaction.

“I took my medication, it hit me, and the blood clots hit my legs and I went to the floor,” Doris said. “It was like a pain I have never felt before in my life.”

Doris fell to the ground, and then couldn’t get back up. She managed to crawl to the door, where she was able to open the front door and screen. That’s when her Shih Tzu Oreo noticed something was wrong. He ran over to her.

“He was really terrified,” said Doris. “I just took him in my arms and I said, ‘Oreo, mommy’s hurting really bad honey. You’ve got to go get help for mommy, go get help.’”

Suddenly, Oreo ran outside of the house. Usually, if Doris lets him out, Oreo just sniffs around and pees. This time, the dog ran straight down the street to the caretaker of the senior living facility.

Oreo jumped right into the caretaker’s arms and was able to signal to her that something was wrong. He then led her straight to Doris, who was on the floor screaming for help. The caretaker immediately called the paramedics.

“I just held him as close as I could,” Doris explained. “Oreo saved my life. I would have died. My lady said she had to come to pull him, literally pull him out of my arms. He wouldn’t leave me.”

After surgery, Doris was able to recover. She once believed having a dog at her age would be too much of a hassle, but now she can’t imagine it any other way.

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