Pregnant Dog Has Giant Belly, But After Ninth Pup Arrives, Mom Realizes She Has A Bigger Secret

Natasha and Alicia are the proud owners of a 3-year-old Irish setter named Romy. Natasha, a qualified veterinarian from the West Midlands, was more than prepared when Romy got pregnant for the very first time in December 2011.

Natasha performed an ultrasound on Romy around four weeks into the pregnancy. She and Alicia were certain they saw eight or nine puppies inside the womb. It made sense since the average litter size for the Irish setter is nine.

Romy was an inexperienced mother, so she was a bit uncertain when the first puppy came out. Luckily, Natasha and Alicia were by her side for the labor, which took an exhausting 10 hours.

Out popped nine healthy, hungry, and adorable puppies. It was exactly what Romy’s owners expected. But they were absolutely shocked when a tenth puppy arrived. And then, an eleventh. Then, a twelfth.

It didn’t end there. “We kept thinking ‘Crikey, when is she going to stop?’” Natasha told The Sun.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Caters News, to find out what happened once Romy went into labor. She completely shattered the statistics of an average litter.

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