She Saved His Life, Then The Canine Led Her To Spot In The Woods That Changed Everything

There is an endless debate that rages between cat and dog owners over which is the superior pet. But the dogs have proven time and time again to be the more loyal and trusting pet. This has never been clearer than after you hear this bizarre tale. Kathy Wilkes-Myers was walking down the road one day when she stumbled upon an abandoned dog. He wasn’t wild, so she took her in and fed the hungry dog. But she had no idea why someone would abandon such a nice pup. Turns out the family was in a car crash and investigators didn’t see the dog. Kathy did some digging and found some amazing news. The family wasn’t dead or in peril – they were desperate to get their dog back! Days later, it was time to bring her back home and the reunion was sweeter than ever! Share if you love this beautiful sight!


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