He Pulled This Dog Owner Over For Running Red Lights. What Happened Next, She Could Never Have Imagined.

When Dallas Police Officer Albert Sanchez responded to a dispatcher’s call about a driver running red lights, he didn’t expect to save the life of a dog, but that’s what happened when he stopped Carolina with her dog Scrappy.

Carolina was driving home with Scrappy, a Brittany Spaniel, when she noticed he was asphyxiating in the backseat. The 13-year-old dog was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis.

dog rescue

Carolina called 911, but she was told officers could not help because Scrappy was a dog. Desperate to save her friend, she began to speed through rush hour traffic to get to the animal hospital. She honked and held out her hands at intersections to get people to stop so she could jump the red lights. When Officer Sanchez pulled her over he asked what was wrong.

dog rescue

“He stopped, I told him [it] was a dog, and he immediately told me to calm down,” Carolina told Fox News. “He grabbed my purse…everything I had in my hands. I’m trying to pull out medications, I’m trying to show him where I’m trying to go, and he immediately grabbed Scrappy, carried Scrappy, put him in the backseat and said, ‘Get in. Let’s go.’”

Sanchez stayed at the clinic until Scrappy was resuscitated and Carolina was told her dog would make it. Afterwards, he sent her an email telling her he was glad he was in the right place at the right time.


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