Dog Who Suffered Life-Threatening Wounds, Makes A Miraculous Recovery

In May of 2015, a 5-month-old pit bull mix puppy wandered onto a stranger’s porch and collapsed. The puppy had suffered life-threatening wounds and tears to his head and neck.  It was believed that he may have been part of an illegal dog fighting ring. The homeowners immediately contacted Unleashed Pet Rescue in Topeka, Kansas, who immediately came to save the puppy.

Once he was rescued,  he didn’t even look like an animal. He was badly beaten, his eyes were shut and there were big gashes across his neck. They weren’t even sure if the puppy would love. The woman who rescued him came to visit the puppy every night until the day he went to his foster home. The puppy was named Jax’s and slowly but surely, his health improved. His eyes began to open, and he could finally smile.

The woman says, “It has got to be the worst emotional feeling there could ever be. How could someone do that, and let that happen?”

Jax is 6-months-old, and he’s a living example of the terrifying horrors and consequences of animal abuse.


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