Quick Trick Will Tell You In Seconds If Ground Is Too Hot For Dog’s Paws

Here is what happens when a dog is walked on surfaces that are too hot! Always check the sidewalk or road and if it’s too hot for you, it’s definitely too hot for your pets!

dog paw heat test

When the pavement is 140-degrees, it will cause permanent damage to your dog’s paws in less than one minute. At 150 degrees, their paws can burn and blister on contact.

Moon Valley Canine Training has come up with a quick trick to help you determine if the ground is safe for your pooch. Rest the backside of your hand on the ground for five seconds; if it is uncomfortable to you, it is uncomfortable to your dog.

There are other safety measures you can do: dog booties or socks, taking walks in the morning or late at night, staying in grassy areas, and moisturizing your pup’s feet.

In the video below, a man demonstrates how hot the ground can be during a day with only an air temperature of 80 degrees. Depending on what surface he measures, it ranges anywhere from 90-113 degrees!  Even on a relaxing day with a lower temperature, the ground can be uncomfortable to your dog.


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