Puppy Born With The Most Unique Ear Marking Ever Has The Internet Talking…

An adorable puppy named Lucy, from Rochester, New York, was born with the most unique markings. Her spots are so rare; most people do a double take when they meet her!

After her mom had been rescued, Lucy was born at the Lollypop Farm in Rochester, New York. The staffers noted something unique about her markings.  Her left ear has a striking resemblance her face…

dog fur markings

Lollypop Farm posted Lucy’s photo to their adoption website, and everyone fell in love with Lucy and her adorable selfie ear. Here is a side-by-side to show just how similar these markings actually are.

dog fur markings

After only two hours, Lucy’s unique look paid off in a big way when someone showed up to Lollypop Farm to adopt the little cutie. “The attention that was brought in by her special ear over social media is wonderful, both for Lucy, and for the other rescued pets here at Lollypop Farm who are looking for new homes,” Lollypop Farm spokesperson Paige Doerner said.

dog fur markings

Lucy was adopted that very afternoon.

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