Owner Comes Home, Calls Out To Pet In Backyard And This Is Who Greets Him…

When you own a pet, other than the unconditional love you get, they’re just so happy to see you when you get home, no matter how long you’ve been away!

Dogs have a reputation for being the most welcoming pet breed, but other species show just as much enthusiasm, like the pet in this video! 

When this man gets home from work, his giant Cayman brac iguana runs to greet him!

When this man gets home from work, he goes into his backyard.


He calls out that he’s home and his pet comes running out of the patch of sun to greet him!


This, however, is no ordinary pet like a dog or a cat…


It’s pretty rare to see an iguana that acts like this big guy! He and his owner have a very special bond!


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