Senior Dog Who Has No Teeth Becomes The Ultimate Dental Therapy Dog

When Karma was rescued by Muttville Senior Rescue in San Francisco, her teeth were in such bad condition they all had to be pulled out. Debra Garrett was searching for a canine companion for her elderly mom, and when they met Karma, she knew it would be a perfect fit.
dog dental therapy dog dental therapyGarrett’s mom is 82 and has Alzheimer’s. She wanted to get her a dog, but Garrett didn’t want a dog that was going to require a lot of training and energy and Karma was the perfect solution.
dog dental therapyKarma is a sweet, kind, and loving dog who just wants people to cuddle and love her.
dog dental therapyKarma’s tongue is always sticking out because she has no teeth, and her new parents love the adorable face and toothless smile she has!
dog dental therapyGarrett and her husband work at dental practices and work long hours. It didn’t seem right to leave Karma at home alone during the day. They started to bringing her to work with them.
dog dental therapyKarma is right where she needs to be, she helps calm patients down with her sweet and gentle nature.
dog dental therapy


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